Beachside in the Bahamas

What better time than the deepest, coldest part of February to re-emerge from my winter hibernation and go for some adventures. I'd never been to a sunny southern destination for a mid-winter break before, but Emma had been to Mexico before and helped select an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas for my first experience.

[ Wintry Toronto ]

As we left our place and headed for the airport, I wanted to make a point of remembering all the snow on the ground.

The trip to the airport and checking in was surprisingly uneventful. There was no lineup for either the check-in counter or security, although there were lots of people waiting in line for the Tim Horton's.

[ Women on the plane ]

Once we were on the plane we realized we were sharing our row with 4 middle-aged women on group outing. We noted with some humour that although you can easily share the rental DVD players on offer from Canjet, each one of them rented a player and then they all watched
the same movie.

[ Bahamas customs form ]

Here Emma attempts to tackle the Bahamian customs and immigration form, which is 1/3rd border security and 2/3rds tourism survey. On the reverse is a 'how did you enjoy your stay' survey that must be remitted on departure.

[ First sighting of the waters ]

Breaking out of the clouds we got our first sighting of the awesome clear waters of the Caribbean region. (Although technically I think it's still the Atlantic.)

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