West Coast Wanderers

Or... how I spent my summer vacation.

Emma and I mounted an ambitious tour of as many highlights of British Columbia as we could pack into our 8-day August vacation. We covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of great places. Now that we've sampled so much of it, we have a pretty good idea of where to go for a more extended visit.

[ Mountain view ]

Our first and only real view of the Rockies was from the air, as we descended towards Vancouver. We never really went far east enough to see them again although we did see plenty of the nothern Cascades.

[ Vancouver from the air ]

Approaching the airport we got a good view of the urban sprawl and the river-based industries.

[ Bacci's and its bullseye ]

One of the (many) things we wanted to make a point of seeing while we were in Vancouver was Bacci's, on Granville St., the target of disturbingly frequent contact from errant cars. We'd covered it a number of times in the Globe's sub-section of B.C. news, but I wanted to see it for myself. Note the bullseye, added by the ironic owner.

[ Electric buses ]

On my
trip to San Fransisco I was pleased to see electric buses in operation. They're still in full force out here too.

[ Lion's Gate bridge from Stanley Park ]

Our first official stop of the trip was at Stanley Park, where we hoped to just putter around for a bit and recover from the long flight west. Of course it offers a lovely view of the Lion's Gate bridge.

Click here to see a panoramic view from the park.

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