[ Lion's Gate bridge ]

We planned to cross the bridge later in our trip, so for now an aerial view would do.

[ Hand-made headrest covers ]

We parked in two different parts of Stanley Park, dutifully buying a ticket in both locations. This guy was parked in the spot ahead of us in the parallel-parking zone that we picked for our second base. Note the hand-made headrest covers!

[ Our intrepid travellers ]

I like to take pictures without Emma realizing it. She seems to be disagreeing with whatever it is I'm saying.

[ Me, posing in front of the harbour ]

Let's just say I was aware this picture was being taken, and leave it at that.

Click here to see a panorama of the harbour from Stanley Park.

[ Floatplane takes off ]

There is obviously a busy volume of floatplane traffic through the day, as there was one plane after another taking off or landing on the water in the harbour, and then flying out towards the Lion's Gate bridge and open water.

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