A wheelie long trip

In September, Emma's brother Huw was married in Kelowna, British Columbia. This is the story not only of our trip out west to see the wedding, but also of the coastal trek that formed the second half of our vacation. It's something we had talked about doing for quite a long time, and something we'll remember even longer.

[ Reading the aircraft safety card ]

Getting ready to depart from Toronto. We lucked out with an empty seat (Morgan didn't have her own) but she had to sit on our lap for takeoff. This made for a good time to review the aircraft's safety features.

[ Morgan flagging ]

Morgan was feeling under the weather, having had a fever the previous days that we were pretty sure was caused by roseola. Although it wasn't fun for her to still be unwell on the plane, it did mean she stayed pretty quiet.

[ Having a snooze with daddy ]

We spent our first few days in BC visiting my dad in Chilliwack. It was a very low-stress part of the trip!

[ Morgan at the wheel ]

Morgan always has to ride in the back, but we know she pays careful attention to what her parents are doing behind the wheel, because she can recreate it perfectly when she gets the chance.

[ Slide at the park ]

There's a park right behind my dad's house, which afforded some good playtime opportunities.

[ At the top ]

Morgan is pretty fearless when it comes to climbing ladders and hitting the slide.

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