A trip to Boston, without Boston

Emma's good friend Crystal invited us to her wedding in Massachusetts, and we were excited to take a mini break in an otherwise super-busy month. It was also to be the first time Emma spent a night away from Morgan.

We flew to Boston on Porter, which unfortunately had lost a considerable amount of its charm since the last time we flew with them, found our friend Teresa who was arriving at the same time from DC, and then drove up to Methuen, which is right on the border with New Hampshire.

Crystal is Mormon, and thus (not being particularly Mormon ourselves) we didn't get to see the religious ceremony. But she invited all friends and family to a civil ceremony at the Methuen Music Hall.

[ Methuen Music Hall ]

The music hall boasts an awfully impressive organ. It's like a cathedral devoted to music. Where there should be a crucifix, they had a bust of Bach.

[ Fanning myself ]

It was rather hot inside, and the women in attendance got fans. I borrowed Emma's fan to make sure I didn't succumb to unladylike fainting.

[ Reception line ]

After the ceremony, we joined the reception line...

[ Bouncy Crystal ]

...where Crystal was literally bouncing up and down. (That's why she's blurry.)

[ Emma and Danica ]

The reception was at a nearby golf club, with a clubhouse balcony that provided a nice view of the sunset over the course as Emma and Danica enjoyed the appetizers.

[ Sunset photos on the green ]

From the balcony we could see the bride and groom doing photos on the green.

[ Bridal arch ]

The course has an arch that seems to be there for precisely this purpose.

[ In the dining hall ]

Everyone gathered in the dining hall for the meal and speeches, which we all enjoyed.

[ The back of the dress ]

I was under strict instructions from Teresa to get a photo of the back of the dress.

[ Wedding photographers ]

I took a photo of the wedding photographers taking photos and then it turned into a weird mock argument over taking photos of photographers. She probably has a shot of this moment from her point of view.

[ Bride and groom at our table ]

Teresa, Crystal and Emma all went to law school together, so we had to get a group shot when Crystal and Chris came to visit our table.

[ Law school group shot ]

This is the somewhat more staged version of same.

[ The happy couple ]

The happy couple!

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