Calgary 2002

I went to Calgary for a long weekend in August. It was my last real opportunity to get out of Toronto before starting on the Globe's new computer system project in September, and Calgary was one of the Air Canada websaver fares. Plus, I had just that week heard from my friend Sarah, who lives there, so it seemed pretty clear what to do.

[ Barclay Mall ]

This is right downtown, at the Barclay Mall, facing north towards Prince's Island Park, which sits in the middle of the Bow River where it flows past the city core. You can cross on pedestrian bridges over to the island, which is very green and clean.

[ Chess statue ]

I did a lot of wandering around downtown Calgary on my trip. One of the things I came across was a petrified chess player.

[ Tricoloured store and Calgary Tower ]

The Calgary Tower is a pretty distinctive part of the city skyline, and not only looks a lot like the CN Tower, it also serves the same function. The store in the foreground was notable for being blue, white and pink.

[ View from the Tower ]

Of course I had to go up the Tower if I was going to be any kind of tourist at all, but it was hard to take pictures that captured the view properly. The thick glass wasn't particularly great for shooting through either.

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