Chilliwack 2001

I went to Chillwack, in British Columbia, for Christmas in 2001. These are a couple of pictures I took using Ewen's digital camera. I just wanted to show how green and un-Christmassy it was there (compared to Ottawa).

[ 9777 Williams Street ]

This is the house where my dad (Craig), stepmom (Paula) and stepbrother (Ewen) live. Notice the distinct lack of white stuff ...

[ View down the street ]

This is the view from their front door, towards one of the many surrounding mountains visible in Chilliwack. I can see why they wanted to move there ...

[ Me and the park behind the house ]

I took this picture to show the park behind the house and all the green grass. Although I did need a jacket, it sure didn't bring back any memories of childhood Christmasses in Ottawa ...

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