Kicking Back in Cottage Country

For the Canada Day long weekend, Emma and I headed up to the cottage with her friends Stephanie, Dan, Sean and Lucia. We really didn't want to have to leave the kittens behind, so we brought them with us on the 3-hour drive (little known fact: cats can get carsick) and they really seemed to like the place.

[ Outdoor cat? ]

Both the kittens were quite keen to look out the windows at the bugs and birds, but in fact neither one tried too hard to make an escape.

[ Preoccupied ]

Indeed, we brought them lots of toys to keep them occupied - and of course they found many more of their own making.

[ Hummingbirds ]

trusty camera is not so good for long-range shots of hummingbirds through a window - a situation I'm hoping will be at least partially rectified with a new acquisition that should produce some nice results for the next installment on - whatever that may be.

[ Late afternoon boatride ]

It was late in the afternoon on our first day that we headed back over to the marina to pick up our guests, who thoughtfully (if perhaps not by design) showed up at almost the exact same time.

[ Emma keeps an eye out ]

I think Emma was keeping an eye out for sharks.

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