Alasdair and Domini Crash Creemore

Domini and I had been talking about taking a day trip out of the city for quite a while, and finally we got our chance on one of my regular long weekends in November. We decided to go up to
Creemore and take the Creemore Springs brewery tour.

[ Marching troops ]

My route to pick up Domini for our adventure was temporarily blocked by a big parade of marching troops, who seemed to be gathering for a Nov 11.-related activity. (The fact that it was Nov 7 didn't seem to phase them.)

[ Dubious lot ]

After about an hour and a half on the road, we find our first sight of Creemore. Yes, this amazing plot of dirt and rubble was snapped up before we got there. Damn.

We found the brewery right away (they're not kidding, you really can't miss it) and went in to see if there was a tour any time soon. There was one just starting as we walked in, and we joined in with just a moment to spare -- which we used to grab some sample cups of their lager.

[ Brewery tour ]

I missed the tour guide's name, but here she's showing us one of the many tank rooms through a window.

[ Tank room ]

The tanks are really big, and they keep the rooms pretty cold.

[ Two-fisting ]

Domini double fisting the sample cups.

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