[ Slammer caps ]

In the area where they prepare kegs, Domini pointed out a blue bin with the label 'Slammer Caps' and asked what they were. So our poor guide had to get it out and open it up to peek - they were the plastic caps that go over the top of the keg tap. (Sorry about the blurry pics - I didn't want to use the flash...)

[ The secret room ]

I was taking pictures instead of paying attention for some of the tour, and so it was a little frustrating when I later asked Domini what was in this room they were all peering into - she couldn't remember.

[ Filling machines ]

The bulk of the machinery visible here is for filling the normal-size and 500mL bottles.

[ Bottle filler ]

A better look at the machine that fills bottles.

[ Caps for the 500mL bottles ]

If you look closely you can see the caps for the 500mL bottles where they feed into the machine for screwing them on.

[ Labeller ]

This is no bottle-labelling jam session. No, this is a full-blown bottle-labelling *opera*.

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