Alasdair Goes Mile-High

On one of my long weekends in October, I took a short trip to go and see my friend Janice. She'd moved out to Denver a few months earlier and it was high time for a visit. I'd never been to Colorado and I was looking forward to seeing some mountains.

[ Bird on a sign ]

OK, so I get a lot of grief about all the airport/airplane shots. But this one has a special feature: a hawk or falcon sitting on the taxiway sign overseeing its larger, more metallic relatives. I think it was an auspicious start to the trip.

For all you complainers out there, I will now skip completely past the flight to Minneapolis, some hilarious adventures in the airport there (no airports for you!) and go right to approaching Denver. New airport, new pictures.

[ Approaching mountains ]

After miles and miles (and miles) of flat nothingness across the Western U.S., I began to see some mountains peaking up along the horizon ahead as we began descending toward Denver.

[ On the ground at DIA ]

On the ground at
Denver International - an airport built with absolutely NO regard for space restrictions - the mountains become even more starkly contrasted against an otherwise featureless terrain.

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