Eurography - Part I

Not to be confused with urography!

Given that it's fully summer as I write this, it's with some shame that I finally post the pics of our spring vacation. Or rather, I finally post the first instalment. Once you see just how many pics there are, maybe you'll forgive the delay in getting them posted. After all, I took more than 1,100 pictures, and I'm throwing in some from Emma and Cat too!

Let's begin with Madrid and Seville.

[ Inside CDG ]

We started off with the customary overnight flight across the Atlantic from Toronto to Paris, where we had the misfortune of spending several hours cooling our heals (ie falling asleep) waiting to change planes in one of the many shiny terminals at CDG. Talk about natural lighting.

[ Madrid streets ]

Later that morning, we popped out of the (excellent) subway system in the middle of downtown Madrid.

[ Jamones ]

After checking into our hotel, we went for our first walk about the streets of Madrid. Every other shop we passed was selling ham. They would not be the last. (I didn't realize the guy behind the counter was giving me the thumbs up until after I got home and had a close look.)

[ Puerta del Sol ]

When we got to the main public square in Madrid, the Puerta del Sol, we found it under construction, which ruined its photographic qualities quite a bit. But you can still see the Tio Pepe sign.

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