[ Protesters ]

This is certainly not the first time I've found myself in the middle of a demonstration in a foreign land. The hard part is always figuring out what they're angry about. I don't think we ever got the answer with this gang, but there'd be others.

[ Bear eating from strawberry tree ]
Pic by Emma

I'd like to say I was laughing at the idea of a bear eating from a "strawberry tree," which is what this is supposed to be depicting, but in fact I was laughing at the crazy old guy with the giant beard and ill-fitting sweater who was ruining all the tourists' photos of the statue. Besides, it's not that kind of strawberry.

[ Live mannequins ]

A crowd had gathered around the display window of El Corte Ingles, a department store that later proved to be a good source of cheap water. When we got closer, we saw they had some live mannequins doing a fashion show.

[ Road safety display ]

Back on the main square, we came across the first of several displays of crashed cars, complete with props of personal belongings strew about. The signage indicated it was part of some UN road safety campaign.

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