Eurography - Part III

Home sweet (someone else's) home

Having made our way through three distinct Spanish cities, it was time for the real purpose of the trip: visiting my sister, her partner and their new son Milo (short for Emiliano, in a nod to the Emilia Romano region where they live and he was born).

[ Playtime with Milo ]

Our first quality time with Milo involved watching him play. Which makes sense, as playing is his favourite thing at this point.

[ Sleepytime with Milo ]

Of course playing usually tuckers him out.

[ Concentration ]

Emma helps Milo out with some very arduous mental activities, such as touching his hands together. (I still have trouble with this some mornings.)

[ Clutching fingers ]

The classic infant pose. (Emma was happy to lend her fingers for the occasion.)

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