Christmas 2002

I spent this Christmas in Florida, visiting with my grandmother who lives there. More specifically, she lives in Palm Harbor, north of St. Petersberg in the general vicinity of Tampa. My mother, sister and sister's boyfriend also came down. I had just bought a digital camera for my impending
trip to Europe and wanted to use this trip as an opportunity to get used to using it.

[ Blue screen of death ]

It's never a good sign when the Blue Screen of Death rears its ugly head. Luckily I wasn't flying U.S. Airways to Florida.

[ American Airlines jet ]

I was flying with American Airlines instead, luckily one of the few U.S. carriers not threatening to go bankrupt over the course of the holidays. I'd never flown with them before and was really only pushed into it because of Air Canada's ludicrous pricing at the time I was shopping for a ticket (not that I think they got any better in the mean time). The only real downside to my travel plans was having to stop in Chicago (going) and New York (coming).

[ Flight attendants ]

At the next gate over from mine, a gaggle of flight attendants had gathered. Probably their flights were delayed; it was really contagious from what I could tell.

[ Getting dark ]

It was getting dark by the time our flight boarded but I noted with so small amount of surprise that we actually left Toronto on time. The score so far: AA 1, other airlines 0.

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