Alasdair Goes Flying

My friend Craig, who also works on the night desk at the
Globe and Mail took me flying in his (well, partly his) Cessna airplane on Canada Day this year. He flies out of the Brampton Flying Club, which is to the northwest of Toronto, away from the chaos of Pearson.

[ Club entrance ]

This is right outside the club building, shot from the parking lot which is right next to one of the runways at the field. My hope was to get an airplane in the shot and although it's inconspicuous, it's in there somewhere.

[ Checking weather ]

As a pilot, Craig is absolutely obsessed with weather. Before we even considered going anywhere, he checked the weather (especially visibility) around the area we were thinking of flying. Either that or he was playing Tetris and trying to look busy.

[ The plane ]

This is the aircraft he co-owns. It looks pretty big on the outside, but it's more like riding in a tiny sports car on the inside. Think reverse Tardis.

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