Magical Flying Machines

It had been a long two years since my
last flight with Craig, a friend of mine from work who is also (very conveniently) a pilot. But lucky me, I recently got another chance to go flying with him.

[  Brampton Flying Club ]

Craig flies out of the Brampton Flight Centre, which is far enough north of the city to avoid the messy hassles of Pearson's heavy traffic. I don't know about it being a 'centre' of anything though. It's really just a flight club if you ask me.

[  Brampton tarmac ]

The tarmac at the Brampton flying club. I suppose I could have started with the club building, but buildings are boring. I was here for the flying machines.

If you want a better view of the whole area, check this out.

[  Cadets ]

Apparently we weren't the only ones out looking for some fresh air that evening. These air cadets were practicing their marching, standing, chanting etc. I was surprised to see a) so many girls in the cadets and b) practicing without uniforms.

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