First Time in Texas

In late September I was able to visit Texas for the first time, going to a conference in Fort Worth of newspapers that use
CCI's newsroom computer system. You may recall I have been on such trips before.

Photographer's note: My pocket-sized camera (a trusty little Canon S200 which first debuted in December 2002) was actually broken on this trip. I could take pictures, but I couldn't view them. So few of these photos turned out the way I wanted. Please bear with me.

[ Meeting Jan on the airport van ]

Amazingly, Sue and I ran into our first conference delegate in the airport van, before we'd even left the airport. I guess he realized we'd been badmouthing CCI for five minutes and should introduce himself. Luckily he's no longer with CCI and now works at the Washington Post.

[ Cocktail party on the roof of Reata ]

The only conference event on the Sunday was the cocktail party on the roof of a restaurant in downtown Fort Worth.

[ Mexican food ]

We ended up having the light Mexican fare as our only real dinner. But it was so tasty.

[ Skyscrapers in Fort Worth ]

The setting was quite nice.

[ Conference opens ]

The conference opened the next day with a fairly contentious keynote speech on the future of newspapers.

[ Hotel plaques ]

The Hilton in downtown Fort Worth, site of the conference, is over-the-top proud of having hosted JFK on the night before he was killed. This commemorative wall was bolstered by endless photographic reminders throughout the building, including in the washrooms of the individual rooms.

[ Going to Ranger ballpark ]

We joined up with some folks from a Danish newspaper to go see the Texas Rangers in Arlington that night.

[ New Cowboys stadium ]

The new home of the Dallas Cowboys is being built on an adjacent site, and there is absolutely no way to capture just how massive it is.

[ Happy Danes ]

The Danes took a lot of photos in the ballpark. They were so enthusiastic about their first baseball experience - but I was worried that they might quickly tire of all the parts where nothing is actually happening.

[ Panorama of Rangers Ballpark ]

A panorama of Rangers ballpark.

[ Condiment malfunction ]

The taps for the condiments were a little more powerful than Jim was anticipating.

[ Rangers mascot ]

The Rangers mascot came to harass us at one point. It's just as well, given that this was perhaps the slowest baseball game I'd ever been to. After the first hour, they were still in the second inning. At the three-hour mark, the visitors were up 3-2 in the top of the ninth and we were crushed when the home team fired off a solo homer in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up and go for extra innings.

[ Less happy Danes. ]

The Danes swore they weren't bored. (Everyone else had gone home.) In the end, it took four hours to settle the game in 11 innings. Yeesh.

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