When hair dye attacks, next on Fox

Allow me to explain. My friend Stephanie was over for a day of apartment hunting etc, and she decided to do highlights in her hair. So she bought some hair colouring and brought it back to my place. We had some fun doing her highlights. Then I stupidly asked what you were supposed to do with the 80% of the package that didn't go into the highlights -- they give you way too much dye, if you ask me. Next time, I'll keep my mouth shut.

[ Mixing ]

Here I am, innocently mixing the dye for my friend. Somewhere between here and the next picture, I get suckered into dying my hair.

[ Posing ]

It's a sort of reluctant acceptance, really. I try to smile.

[ Burning ]

At least, until it starts burning.

[ Shame ]

Oh, the shame.

[ Stoned ]

At this point I'm stupidly proud of what I've done. Don't go getting any ideas that the stoned expression on my face explains how I got into this in the first place. I usually look like that. No, that look is caused by my brain wondering what people at work are going to think of this. (Answer: "It'll grow out.")

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