Summer in the Seaside City

Emma's childhood friend MT was getting married to newly minted sailor Brian in July so we hopped on a plane and headed over to Halifax to be there to see it.

[ You are here - now with washrooms! ]

What better place to start than YOU ARE HERE? In this case, I'm just trying to point out that the maps for Terminal 1 now depict the location of washrooms - which they
did not do before.

[ Moody airport terminal pic ]

Since I had my new camera with me, I was determined to take a lot of moody and/or artsy photos on the trip, so I started with this pattern of sunlight on the floor outside the washrooms. I'd also like give a shout out to the man in the yellow jacket for adding a smidge of colour.

[ Personal TVs on the new Air Canada jets ]

We had the treat of flying on a shiny new plane with personal TVs throughout the cabin, which I think is new ground for intranational flights on Air Canada. Emma took a long time to settle on a couple of episodes of Arrested Development and CSI to watch, so much so that she didn't get to finish the latter and had to watch the rest on the way home.

[ Old YMCA building ]

Speaking of moody pictures, after we arrived in Halifax and picked up our rental car (almost forgetting to pick up our suitcase while we were at it!) we drove into the city and found a parking spot near the hotel. Around the corner we found a rather dilapidated back wall to a YMCA.

[ Outside the Lord Nelson ]

Once again I was making a visit to the Lord Nelson hotel, a fairly nice place right in the middle of the city's main drag and perfectly positioned for the wedding (around the corner - not behind the Y, the other corner) and the reception (at the Lord Nelson).

[ Cool ceiling ]

The Lord Nelson's lobby has a cool ceiling.

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