[ Moped advertising ]

After we checked in, we went down the street and had some lunch. On the way back we spotted this guy - the first of many spottings in fact - pulling an advertising board around behind a moped. This is a huge environmental improvement on the kind of heavy-handed mobile advertising they have in Toronto.

[ Backyard ]

The night before the wedding, we dropped in for dinner with the bride and groom's families. We were awfully impressed by the groom's family backyard deck, right on Lake Micmac.

[ MT talks to a nephew ]

MT, the bride, chats with one of her nephews.

[ After-dinner boat ride ]

After dinner, the groom took a couple of us out for a moonlit ride on the lake. It was not a tranquil affair!

[ Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove ]

After we left the dinner we decided we were still up for a little sightseeing, so we went down the highway to see Peggy's Cove at night.

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