Morgan's Maiden Voyage

Not long after Morgan reached three months old, we decided to roll the dice and see how she'd handle air travel. So far she'd proven a reliably content baby who had handled a lot of taxing situations with a surprising amount of composure, so we crossed our fingers and hoped she'd be OK in a confined space with no exits. Plus, it let us go and see Emma's friends MT and Sara.

[ Waiting in the airport ]

We got Morgan to the airport with plenty of time to deal with the little unexpected changes in plan that seem to come with having a baby in your life. But then we discovered the flight was going to be hours late leaving Toronto for Halifax. Ugh. To be fair, it gave us time to have some breakfast and change her diaper in the terminal.

Side note: while we were in the lineup to drop off our bags at check-in, we observed some typical young brother at-each-others-throats behaviour with the family ahead of us. Right before they headed off to their counter at the head of the line, the mother turned to us - as she physically separated her two combative boys - and said "You're lucky you had a girl."

Side note 2: The older of the two girls sitting next to us in the photo above (furthest from camera) was also named Morgan.

[ Proboarding Morgan ]

So *this* is what preboarding feels like!

[ Family on the plane ]

Morgan captured quite a bit of attention, from those sitting around us and the cabin staff. One woman offered to take our picture. Morgan put on her best drool for the occasion.

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