[ Feeding Morgan onboard ]

Everyone suggested feeding Morgan right after takeoff, so she'd be swallowing during the ascent and subsequent pressure changes in the cabin, but because of all the delays (we were on the plane at the gate for about 45 minutes before we actually went anywhere) we weren't able to time it exactly.

[ Smiling on arrival ]

On arrival in Halifax. Note the change in outfits - despite it only being a two-hour flight, Morgan made not only a diaper change but an outfit change unavoidable in the air. That required some deft handling in the tiny airplane washroom!

[ MT gets her first look ]

Emma's friend MT met us at the airport, which required some heavy reading material considering all the delays.

[ Morgan with a toy ]

Back at her house, MT offered one of her daughter Jillian's plush toys to Morgan, who then spent quite a bit of time working out the puzzle of how to get it into her mouth.

[ MT, Morgan and Jillian ]

Jillian eventually overcame her shyness and decided to come meet Morgan, who seemed to handle the encounter pretty well, including discovering another finger she could grab hold of.

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