Honeymoon in Hawaii

It wasn't long after our
wedding that Emma and I packed our bags and headed out on our honeymoon. Our trip was to take us six hours to Vancouver and six more hours to Hawaii, with five nights on Maui and three more nights on the big island (which I suppose I should write with capital letters, as it is the less confusing unofficial name of the island of Hawaii).

[ Emma at the aquarium ]

We arrived in Maui quite late at night, the equivalent of 5am for our body clocks, and in no condition to do anything touristy. We went straight to bed and took our time getting going the next day, where we started at the Maui Ocean Center aquarium.

[ Colourful fish ]

The aquarium is indigenous Hawaiian fish (which looked plenty exotic to the likes of us), sea turtles and sharks, and they had some pretty impressive tanks.

[ Sign correction taped over ]

I guess this is how you deal with typos in the aquarium business.

[ Kids at the aquarium ]

There were lots of kids at the aquarium, which was a little surprising, given that it was a weekday in late April.

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