Our new house

We'll be moving in July to a three-bedroom semi near Coxwell and Danforth, and joining the ranks of property owners for the first time. It's exciting but scary times.

These pictures were taken in mid-June when we had a visit to take pics and measurements so we can figure out where all our furniture is going. It was also a good chance for my sister and my dad to see the house, as they were both visiting from out of town. (Indeed, Cat took some of these pics.)

Of course the house looks so much nicer with their furniture than it will with our mashup of old studenty apartment furniture...

Our new street


Main floor



Guest Room (yes, there's a window, no I didn't get it in the shot)

Bathroom with dubious vanity


Main bedroom

Basement (currently an apartment)

We feel there's room for improvement in the tenant's cleaning habits (he's a Leaf's fan, what do you expect?)
He'll be out before we move in, and we plan to reclaim the basement as a full family space.

Can you guess which wall we're hoping to take out?

At the Back

In case you're interested, the original listing photos are available here.

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