Our new house

Before disappearing on a soon-to-be-documented trip to Europe, Emma and I were fortunate enough to find and buy a house in our price range after a relatively painless month-long search (yes, we know we got off easy!) in the Danforth area of Toronto. We'll be moving in July to a three-bedroom semi near Coxwell and Danforth, and joining the ranks of property owners for the first time. It's exciting but scary times.

All the pictures I took during the viewings were of small little details that were too specific to really just show what the house as a whole is like, so here are the shots from the listing.

We're not super fond of the green siding or stone finish at the front, but you have to compromise somewhere and this was just about the only complaint we have about the whole house.

It'll probably be a while before we can afford to put nice furniture like that in the living room and dining room!

The kitchen has room for a small table, which is a big improvement over our tiny condo kitchen, and there's also a powder room next to it.

Three bedrooms? What are we going to do with three bedrooms?

The back has a small deck perfect for a barbeque, and while we'd probably like more of a garden we're happy to have a garage and extra room for guests to park.

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