Italy 2001

I went to Italy for a week in November. These are the pictures I took. They're not quite the same kind of travelogue that I did for
Halifax, because much greater time was covered and there were more gaps between picture-taking occasions. So you won't get a big narrative but some of them are still nice to look at.

[ Washroom sign ]

The first thing I took a picture of in Italy was the sign on the women's washroom. Apparently Italian women wear really poofy short skirts and have only one leg. Not a good start ...

[ Empty arrivals are ]

When I walked out into the arrivals area at Bologna airport, I found a nice, clean, modern facility where they (if you look closely) take good care of the potted trees. What I didn't find was any sign of Cat or Evan ...

[ Me and Cat at the airport ]

This is not to say that Cat didn't turn up. It just took a little while, including a failed attempt at using a prepaid phone card that turned out to have the equivalent of 20 cents on it. Thanks Mom! Notice that I am a combination of delighted and surprised to see her ...

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