LA in May

In May, just as things were finally starting to look a bit like spring in Toronto, I got to travel to much sunnier, much warmer Los Angeles for another
CCI Users group conference. Although not as exotic as the Netherlands, it was certainly the kind of place I was glad to be visting on someone else's dime.

[ Crappy morning ]

Somehow all my trips seem to start at the crack of dawn. I may need a better travel agent. On this particular morning it was not only way too early (I got up at 5am) it was also very foggy (there's supposed to be another terminal building in the background).

[ John and Peter ]

Four of us were going to the conference from the Globe. Here, John King and Peter Styvers do their best to put a happy face on the early morning departure.

[ Crappy view ]

I got a window seat for the first leg of our journey (to Minneapolis), but it didn't do me a lot of good. Damn DC-9s.

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