[ No photography ]

I was in the UK for all of 5 minutes before I started breaking the rules.

[ Heathrow tunnels ]

Leaving Heathrow, I start out through the first of many tunnels. London is all about scurrying about below ground.

[ Waterloo station ]

I went straight from the airport to Waterloo station, where I needed to catch the Eurostar train. The station is actually kind of interesting, with a covered modern facade of what are probably reasonably old buildings and certainly old tracks.

[ Burger King ]

But don't worry about being a foreigner - they still have Burger King. I bumped into John King here, and we were both on the same train to Brussels. But we were also both quite early for the train, so while he went off to explore, I did a little wandering of my own and then sat down to read my book.

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