Matej and Chelsea Get Married

Emma and I had the honour of joining our friends Matej and Chelsea for their wedding recently. While I was chided a few times for sticking my camera in peoples' faces a little too much, I think we all had an excellent time and I wanted to have a few snaps to remember it by. Oh, and the food was excellent! =)

[ Emily chatting before the ceremony ]

Emily chats up our row before the ceremony begins.

[ Chris and Mike - with BlackBerry ]

Mike claims he was turning off the BlackBerry, but I think we all know he was trying to get some last-minute work done... Even Chris doesn't look convinced.

[ Mike and Dawn set off down the aisle ]

Mike and Dawn set off down the aisle, which they've
done before.

[ Chris and Natasha on the move ]

Chris and Natasha do some practising of their own.

[ Chelsea arrives ]

Chelsea arrives, sneaking in the side door.

[ Chelsea and dad ]

Chelsea and dad. Everyone looks happy - always a good sign!

[ Chelsea and dad ]

Onto the main straight...

[ Wedding party ]

What are you talking about? Everybody loves pictures of the backs of people's heads!

[ Distracted photographer ]

I think I might have been distracting the official photographer. (And I also think I need to start a new gallery on this site with pictures I've taken of other people taking pictures!)

[ On the verge ]

Uh oh, here come the waterworks...

[ Splash ]


[ Mike two-fisting the champaign ]

Mike decides one glass of celebratory champaign is not going to be enough.

[ Madhava shows off his pics ]

Madhava shows off his impressive pecs. I mean pics.

[ Cheers! ]

Mike and Chris get their booze on.

[ Dawn, Chris and Natasha share a drink ]

Dawn arrives to make sure the boys share their drinks. (Does Chris always put that face on when there's a camera nearby?)

[ Tyla looks up ]

Tyla looks up, but Mike seems afraid to.

[ The bride relaxes ]

Finally, the bride has a chance to relax.

[ The gang gathers ]

The gang assembles to share their new wedding war stories.

[ The typewriter ]

One of many nice touches was the vintage typewriter for wellwishers to leave their ... um, wellwishes.

[ Emma and Emily at the table ]

Emma and Emily found our table with no trouble - I had to look it up on the seating chart.

[ Kate peeks through ]

Kate peeks through her napkin.

[ Something exciting at the window ]

Something exciting must have happened at the window, but I don't know what!

[ Kate and Madhava ]

Kate and Madhava had an increasingly hard time ignoring the constant picture taking from across the table.

[ Outside during fire alarm ]

Due to an impromptu fire alarm, we had a little outdoor interlude as the sun set.

[ Chelsea laughs ]

Chelsea finds the idea of muscley firemen arriving to her wedding rather amusing.

[ Mat and Chelsea seem happy ]

Actually they both seem happy!

[ Emma smiles ]

The ceremony, dinner and reception were all excellent. Emma thinks so too.

[ Matej smiles ]

Matej seems happy.

[ Chelsea smiles ]

And so does Chelsea.

[ Mike tells a story ]

Mike tells a story as Tyla and Emily listen attentively.

[ Mike and Tyla ]

But Mike seems to have his doubts.

[ Chelsea and Dawn sample the cupcakes ]

Yay for cupcakes!

[ Matej cuts the rug ]

As we headed out at the end of the evening, Matej was still grooving on the dance floor.

And that's pretty much it.

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