[ Snowbirds again ]

I won't bore you with too many action shots (I didn't bring a good enough lens for good shots anyway) but I wanted to include this one to point out the train off on the edge of the airfield. It's just like
Brewster's Millions! The freight trains that kept going by were huge - 100 cars at least and never seemed to stop. When the Thunderbirds were taxiing out to do their show later, one of the pilots commented on the radio that it was an awfully long train. When they finished their show and landed 45 minutes after that, yet again a train was going by and one of the pilots joked it was the same one from before.

[ Thunderbirds ]

The Thunderbirds' six-plane formation wasn't as impressive, but somehow the sky came out a much deeper blue in this picture so I thought it was worth sharing.

[ Thunderbirds near the ground ]

Each of the teams plays into its own strengths: the Snowbirds have very little raw power, so they do a lot of slow, graceful moves in the air. The Thunderbirds have lots of power but can't turn very quickly, nor even really fly slowly if they want to. In this shot near the ground, notice how fast they have to flash past the crowd -- the smoke trails can't even keep up.

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