Ticket to Ride

I decided to take a break from work and try VIA's first-class service, and Montreal seemed like a good choice for both purposes. It's the kind of place I could imagine having a bit of fun in a low-impact kind of way. It's not that there aren't a lot of neat and exciting things to do there, it's just that you can also take it easy there.

[ Passing the lineup ]

I'd never travelled first-class on VIA before, but it didn't take long for me to appreciate such things as walking past the big line for my train...

[ VIA 1 lounge ]

and a quiet lounge to sit in before pre-boarding. They also have wireless connections for surfing the net, which I tried out. The first-class car is only different from regular cars in having a bit more leg room; the real difference is in having meal service. On the whole, I'm not sure the perks were worth the price difference.

[ Delta in Montreal ]

I decided right away when I booked my trip that I wanted to jump right into activities when I got to Montreal (arriving as I was on Saturday afternoon). So I booked a room at the Delta Centre-Ville, which was visible from the train as we pulled into the station. Mission accomplished.

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