BirthValenFamDay Weekend

This year my birthday, Valentine's Day and the Ontario holiday known as Family Day all coincided in the same long weekend, so Emma and I decided to have some fun and try to get away somewhere. With Morgan, there can be some limits on what is easy and affordable to do; driving allows for a lot more flexibility in stopping and taking a break, for example. So we went to Montreal.

[ Dollar Giant in Brockville ]

We had to make an impromptu stop off the highway in Brockville to help Morgan get settled again after our lunch break, so we pulled into a parking lot. There we found the forces of inflation doing their dirty work. That's a giant dollar, all right!

[ Morgan on the laptop ]

We got to Montreal in reasonably good time and got settled in our hotel room. Morgan liked the free Wifi.

[ Morgan with duck ]

Bath time comes right before bed time, so Morgan is often looking for a soother substitute around this time, and it turns out that the head of one of her plastic duck bath toys will do just perfectly!

That night after getting Morgan down in the bedroom we retired to the living room to watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver games.

[ Heading out ]

The next morning we get ready for our first outing in the city. It was bitterly cold while we were there, which meant a lot of bundling up. Morgan is in her starfish-inducing snowsuit, and we have the rain cover on to act as a wind cover.

[ Riding the subway in Montreal ]

We didn't find the metro in Montreal super stroller-friendly but to be fair the TTC is hardly a bastion of accessibility either.

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