Let's see how fast we can see Londonmunichitaly!

Barely unpacked from
Florida, it was time to turn around and head to Europe for some New Years festivities in London, Munich and Serramazzoni in Italy. Call me crazy, but this week and a half adventure was going to involve no fewer than eight flights and four separate visits to Heathrow.

[ Bag full of stuff ]

I was so enthralled by the idea of getting everything I needed for the entire trip into a bag that I could take as carry-on that I took a picture! It was very handy not to have to spend any time at all waiting for luggage in all the airports I visited. It also helped ensure I didn't buy anything on my trip, since there wasn't any room anyway.

[ Maury Chaykin ]

Since I've photographed my trips to the airport before, I'm going to skip right to the first interesting thing I saw at the airport (the first of many, surprisingly) which turned out to be Maury Chaykin.

[ Crowds at the airport ]

He wasn't the only one there, of course. It wasn't even the crack of dawn yet and already there were lots of people. It was Dec 30 so I guess lots of holiday travel was still to unfold. The sad thing about going through Terminal 1 at Pearson is that there are no electronic check-in kiosks, which would have been twice as advantageous since I wasn't checking anything.

[ Crack of dawn, literally ]

I wasn't kidding about it being pre-crack of dawn. It wasn't until I'd checked in, gone through security and found my gate that the first light started showing on the horizon. I decided to take a daytime flight instead of the more traditional overnight, and I'm really glad I did.

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