Alasdair and Emma take Manhattan

Phew! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on! So, here we go with some new adventures in 2005. To begin with, I need to cave to the pressure of friends and family to post some pictures of Emma. Also, I need to respond to some criticism that there aren't enough pictures of me. I don't quite understand the second request, but luckily having Emma along for the ride on this trip made it easier to get me in front of the lens on occasion.

We begin now with a quick weekend trip to New York to visit with a few of Emma's friends, some who actually live there and some who were just visiting like us.

[ Downstairs ]

Here you go! A picture of Emma! Right here we're heading down the stairs to catch the taxi in the customary ugly pre-dawn hour.

[ New Terminal 1 Branch ]

Not another airport picture! This one is interesting to me because you can now clearly see the construction of the second branch of the new Terminal 1 building at Pearson.

[ Customs inspection ]

I interpret this sign to mean that up ahead, an American customs official will go through your belongings and read any books you might have in your suitcase.

[ Shoe-shine stand ]

There's something vaguely nostalgic about a shoe-shine stand in the airport, right up until the part where the guy takes out an electric shiner and holds it to your shoe.

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