[ Bathroom symbol ]

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. The engine is not a bathroom!

[ Westjet menu ]

This was the first time either of us had travelled with Westjet, so their super-friendly service attitude was all new and exciting for us. We appreciated their evaluation of the Twizzlers. (Let alone the fact that they even have Twizzlers available.)

[ Happy on the plane ]

I hope those among you who asked for more pictures of me are now filled with regret. (What can I say? I'm happy to be alive.)

[ Detour over Manhattan ]

Little did we know when we booked our flight that they would be taking us not to LaGuardia but directly to Manhattan itself. We'll just get off right here, thanks!

[ Empire State Building ]

Hey! That looks familiar...

[ Central park ]

Central park, with an excellent plug for Westjet. It's almost like they planned it that way.

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