A Trip to the Norwegian Region

In late May I had the privilege of once again helping to represent the Globe at the annual CCI Users Group conference, this time in Oslo.

The first, and possibly most tangential 'highlight' of my trip involved going through security with Belinda Stronach - and this was just days after she'd defected to the Liberals and taken up a cabinet post. She was in the next lane over and I had just put my camera in the little plastic bin to be x-rayed, which meant I couldn't get a shot until I'd been screened, so I was willing the security staff to hurry it up a bit but instead they did the exact opposite, and stopped working completely so they could gawk at Ms. Stronach. She was long gone by the time my line was moving again. Blast!

All Directions in Frankfurt ]

I was amused by this sign in the Frankfurt airport. No word on where you're going if you turn around and walk the other way.

Up ahead was German customs, where a very disinterested agent 'checked' my passport (and I use the term loosely) before waving me through without asking me a single question. The guy in the line next to me, however, was making a total ass of himself. Here's the full text of what I overheard him say before I moved on: "Look closer at that passport. I'm a Canadian diplomat. Do you really want to make me dig out my ticket?" I slinked away with maple leaves covered.

Cal making a face ]

I don't think Cal meant to make this face when I took his picture on the bus heading from the terminal to our flight from Frankfurt to Oslo.

Andrew ]

Andrew seemed much better prepared.

On the ground in Oslo ]

On the ground in Oslo, at a
relatively new airport.

Sodexho again! ]

Ack! Those Sodexho evildoers are everywhere! (I cannot begin to document here the various reaches of this nefarious empire, but needless to say I've bumped into them in the most worrisome places.)

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