[ Nightfall ]

It was actually nightfall when we started our journey from near Lansdowne Park towards Dow's Lake. Notice that Emma is way ahead of me, because I skate like a three-year-old. (Of course that's not true. Three-year-olds skate way better than me.)

[ Blue ice ]

I paused to take this picture for artistic reasons, but it turns out that it documents the scene of the "Great 2005 Wipeout" just moments later, which had nothing to do with my lacking of skating ability, nothing at all! (Whoever told you otherwise is a liar!)

[ Dow's lake ]

We made it to Dow's Lake in one piece, which seemed to please Emma.

[ Bank street bridge ]

Skating back towards downtown, the Bank Street bridge looks nice.

We got back to our starting point and then headed to the strangely punctuated boutique hotel. It turns out to be quite a swank establishment and I can't speak for Emma, but I felt I was bringing down the neighbourhood a bit.

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