Snowbirds in Ottawa

I went up to Ottawa for the weekend, to get away from the
crazy Danes and to get a signature for my British passport renewal. I didn't take any pictures on the Friday evening (spent with Ian seeing The Italian Job) but I did take a few in Montreal when I went with my mom to pick up my sister from the airport. I had no idea until I arrived in Ottawa that the Snowbirds would help take care of my Sunday plans.

[ L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph ]

Saturday morning I got up to watch the qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix and then in the afternoon we drove to Montreal to pick up Cat. We did a little shopping and then stopped to check out the view from L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph. It was no pilgrimage - we were just early, that's all. Good thing you can drive up to the top.

[ Pilgrims ]

I guess nobody told them.

[ Panorama ]

I took a skyline shot from the top, while mom took a closeup.

[ Cow Tech ]

Having picked up Cat, we left town via a very circuitous route that took us by PATLQ, which seems to be some kind of Cow Tech. They had that logo on their flag, I kid you not.

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