Philadelphia Flyer

Back in March I had the chance to make a quick weekend trip to go and see Mike and Kristen in Philadelphia. Rather than a full travelogue for this brief trip, I'm just going to post the picture highlights.

[ Philadelphia Airport ]

Since I know how much you all love the airplane and airport pics, here's a good one showing the view of the airport and navy shipyard just south of downtown Philadelphia. If you look closely, you can actually see another jet coming in to land.

[ In the gift shop ]

Kristen snapped this charming portrait of me in the
Franklin Institute gift shop. I can't remember the significance of the lollipop, but the hat is supposed to make me look more like Ben Franklin.

[ Dead birds on display ]

What could make children more excited about nature than a bunch of dead birds, laid out flat in glass cases like some kind of mortuaviary? Apparently they have not yet discovered the technique for stuffing birds in an upright position at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

[ Cool frogs ]

One thing they did have there that was good was a visiting exhibit oflive frogs, with dozens of species all hanging out in little terrariums.

[ Kicking the rock for science ]

Back at the Franklin Institute, I got to kick a rock for science. The seismograph had to be kept in a reinforced case, lest it explode from the sheer force of my 9.5-magnitude blow.

[ Kristen, stunned ]

Kristen's not used to being ignored, which explains her look of astonishment that this bus driver has just closed the door in her face and driven off.

[ Bumper stickers ]

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Americans love their bumper stickers.

[ A moment of joy ]

For me!? You shouldn't have! (And, indeed, they didn't.)

[ Have your eyes checked ]

Kristen has already been a long-suffering guinea pig for Mike as he studies at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, so what's one more visit to the chair for our camera-happy visitor?

[ Got a screw loose? ]

Got a screw loose? Parker wants it.

[ Like a kid in a candy store ]

Mike looks like a kid in a candy store. Which he is. Except for the kid part.

[ Chocolate NASCAR ]

This could well be the embodiment of the American dream: Eating a NASCAR car.

[ Crazy karaoke remote ]

And Emma thinks the remotes at home are complicated?

[ Eye exam ]

Just for giggles, Mike runs a few quick eye tests on me.

[ Mike leans in ]

The ice broken, Mike makes his move...

[ Cigarette vending machine ]

I haven't seen one of these in Canada in, oh, decades.

[ Super-long antenna ]

Beat-up old Chevy, or modern electric streetcar? You decide.

[ Nice face ]

Another highlight was visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on pay-what-you-want day no less. I took some shots of some of my favourite peices, including this one with the fabulous expression.

[ Mike and Kristen silhouette ]

Mike and Kristen's silhouette inside the museum.

[ Group shot ]

Last but not least, a group shot on the famous steps outside the museum.

And that's pretty much it.

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