Globetrotting: The Mississauga Printing Plant

As part of our ever-expanding view of how the
Globe and Mail is produced as we work on the new editorial computer system, our group wanted to go on a field trip to see the printing plant where Transcontinental Group publishes the majority of the Globe's distribution in Ontario.

[ Outside the plant ]

Located as it is in the middle of a Mississauga industrial park, the company name on the side of the building is the only colour to be seen for miles and miles.

[ Smiles in the lobby ]

Guess who was unprepared for the photo. This is in the lobby - well, not really, just the front doorway of the building because nobody bothered to check if the door to the actual lobby was actually locked. We stood around waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. Not that kind of party.

[ Anxious waiting ]

It was anxious times, waiting for the others...

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