Hockey Road Trip '09:

Last year, my friend James and I went on a road trip to see some hockey in Pittsburgh and Columbus. The original plan was to go to Nashville, but James didn't have his passport renewed in time, so flying to the U.S. was out. This time around, we were fully documented and ready to go.

[ James reads the Globe and Mail ]

Our flight down to Nashville was almost empty, allowing me to move back a row and James the room to spread his copy of the Globe. This may be the only documented case of James reading the business section.

[ Cab ride into Nashville ]

The airport at Nashville is really quite close to downtown compared to that of many other cities and so the cab ride to our hotel only took about 10 minutes, which didn't offer much time to take in the surroundings.

[ krayp ]

It was 10 in the morning local time which was way too early to check into our hotel, so we dropped our bags and wandered around downtown to get the lay of the land. This crepe shop was right next door to the hotel. I think perhaps Hooked On Phonics has gone a little too far here.

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