[ It Stays With You ]

I was interested to see what kind of presence the hockey team had in the city better known for country music, and one of the first places I spotted the Predators logo was right at my feet. They had these stickers on sidewalks all over the south side of downtown (close to the arena). The slogan "It Stays With You" makes me think of heartburn more than hockey, and in this case the sticker hadn't quite stayed with the sidewalk.

[ The Ryman Auditorium ]

Also just down the street from our hotel was the Ryman Auditorium, a concert venue best known for once being home to the Grand Ole Opry. But that gig has long since moved on to the Gaylord (snicker) Opryland complex and now the Ryman is just a plain old concert venue. We didn't go inside.

[ Nickelback fans ]

Nickelback had played in Nashville the night before, and their fans were in evidence everywhere (the girl here was wearing one of their t-shirts). Note that the Predators are staying with us in this photo too. Another thing worth noting is that it was t-shirt weather - 15 degrees or so. Welcome to the south! But it was not to last...

[ Homeless man makes canapes ]

There are a lot of homeless people on the streets of Nashville; we were asked for change almost every block as we walked around. This man in particular caught my eye, though, for he was preparing a meal of improvised canapes.

[ Nashville Metro Courthouse ]

This distinguished building seemed to be a combination of city hall and courthouse. I liked the large open square in front, which was popular with the dog-walking set when we were there.

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