Sunny San Fran

Quite a long time ago I booked the last week of February off work on the not-unreasonable premise that I might be in need of a break by that point. Having been back on the news desk at the Globe was sure to mean more stress than the fun and games of the CCI project. So I spent half my vacation lounging around Toronto (including a quick visit with Anna) and then headed south and west for a few days.

(One other thing before I start: I broke a record on this trip, filling the memory card on my camera with over 400 pictures. Because I ended up with approximately 150 that I wanted to post, they are smaller than they have been in the past. If you want to see a larger version of any of these pics, let me know and I'll post a bigger version in its place.)

[ Snow day ]

Given the state of affairs in Toronto, I was happy to be leaving. Is it time for spring yet? At this point I was waiting for my cab, which hadn't shown up on time. I went back in and called the cab company, who said my cab had been in an accident and they'd be sending another. Um, OK. Were they planning on sharing that with me or should I have just stood there waiting all morning? Honestly.

[ Sleeping airplane ]

My airplane had to be dragged out of bed just like me! Here they bring it around for boarding at the customary unholy hour.

[ Toronto ]

I have an inexplicable fascination with taking a picture of Toronto as I leave. Maybe I have detachment issues?

[ Hawk in Detroit ]

Arriving in Detroit, where I had to change planes each way, we were escorted from the runway back to the terminal by a bird of prey. A hawk, I think.

[ Westin ]

I've heard of airport hotels before, but this is a little silly. The building in the background, literally attached to the terminal, is a Westin hotel. Who would want a room looking out over an airport tarmac with planes coming and going all the time? Oh wait - I would.

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