Down by the Bay

Emma and I had the opportunity to skip out of our jobs for a couple of days and make a long-weekend trip to San Francisco to visit with friends and play tourist. I had
been there before but Emma hadn't, and we managed to see quite a few interesting things along the way...

[ SFO Terminal ]

I promise there will be only four airport pictures in this entire travelogue! See if you can suffer through the remaining three.

[ Emma at Sears Fine Food ]

Our first order of business after checking in at the hotel was getting some food, and we picked Sears, a diner-food restaurant (not a department store) right next to Union Square. It was, according to the menus, opened by a retired circus clown 1938.

[ Union Square ]

After lunch we had a stroll around the Union Square area, noticing that it was incredibly nice out, especially when you consider San Francisco's normal climate. We had 15 to 18 degrees and clear blue skies every day we were there.

[ Crowd barricade ]

All around Union Square were the trappings of crowd control needed for the imminent Chinese new year parade. These barricades bore marks of protests past.

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