Alasdair Goes to Seattle

For my only real vacation of the summer months, I decided to cash in my Aeroplan miles and go about as far as I could. Saving all that money on airfare meant I could spend a little more on the hotel and rent a car for the whole time I was there.

Grab yourself a seat. This is a long one!

[ TTC train passes 


It seems I never get tired of starting my web postings with pictures of subway trains.

[ Condo towers near 

Kipling ]

I can understand the allure of condos, but I can't understand the allure of building them right here, out in the west terminus of the Bloor Subway line. The only thing in its favour is that it's close to
Bowlerama, where I have some coupons I need to use. Anyone up for some bowling?

[ Terminal 1 

curbside ]

One of the things I was looking forward to on this trip was the fact that I'd be going through Terminal 1 on my way out west. It's a little disconcerting when there doesn't seem to be too many people around...

[ Inukshuk 


... Luckily they put in an inukshuk, the Inuit equivalent of 'Kilroy was here'.

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