[ Washrooms 


I know it seems strange to make a fuss about a washroom, but that's actually why I went to the so-called interactive info kiosk in the first place. I found some, no thanks to the ...

[ Terminal map, sans 

bathrooms ]

... terminal map. Which on this level shows no bathrooms at all. There are several of them, and they are marked on the maps for other levels of the building, but not on the gate level. How bizarre. I call this "Signage failings, Part 2."

[ The finger of 

Terminal 1 ]

Walking down the long 'finger' of Terminal 1, there is again lots of natural lighting and shiny white surfaces.

[ Crew discusses 

safety etc ]

The in-flight crew for my flight sat down next to me and went over their various responsibilities and safety routines while I waited to board. I'd like to tell you that they dished out some meaty gossip on things like drugging the passengers, but alas they seemed more concerned with co-ordinating their breaks.

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