The good, the bad and the airborne

It didn't seem
that long ago that we were last in England and Wales, when Morgan was just a bump. This time around, we wanted to introduce her properly.

[ Morgan with luggage pile ]

It's true that it's hard to travel light with a baby. Morgan is pretty much dwarfed by the luggage pile.

[ In the Maple Leaf Lounge ]

We had some harsh words for Air Canada after they subverted our carefully planned out arrangements for the flight, leaving all three of us wide awake for a red-eye flight across the Atlantic. But our friend Sara helped salvage the best of a bad situation by giving us Maple Leaf Lounge passes that we enjoyed before boarding.

[ Arrived in London ]

Morgan was a trooper, despite not sleeping much at all, and made it through to London without totally losing her cool. We were impressed at how well she handled it, especially since this was only her second flight of any kind (after our first forray to Halifax).

[ Limousine assistance at Heathrow ]

As we went to collect our bags, I was amused to find this dark corner of Heathrow airport labelled as "limousine assistance" -- I'd say these apparently abandoned strollers are not limousines but could use some assistance.

[ Morgan meets Milo again ]

After the 1.5hr drive to my sister's house in Kings Sutton, we gave Morgan a chance to get reacquainted with her cousin Milo. They had spent a day together in the summer, and it was pretty clear that Morgan was happy to see him again.

[ Morgan watches Milo ]

Morgan liked the toys, but she kept her eyes on Milo whenever he was in the room. Then we all crashed for the night.

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