Mike and Alasdair Hit Vegas

My friend
Mike and I took a holiday at the end of August. We didn't really care so much where we went, but that we went somewhere fun. Originally the plan was somewhere northern-Europe-ish. But fares weren't so hot. Then we were thinking about visiting a friend in Zurich, but fares were even worse. Around this time, people were dying by the thousands because of the heat wave in Europe. The only sensible thing to do: go somewhere else that's damn hot.

[ Hung Over ]

I think this is what you're supposed to look like coming *back* from Vegas. But this is actually what I looked like before we left Toronto. Serves me right for getting drunk the night before. Technically speaking, nobody forced me to drink. But I'll still find some way to blame Domini. She'd do the same for me.

[ Toronto Skyline ]

Leaving Toronto. (Not quite the same ring to it as Leaving Las Vegas.)

[ Nice Pillow! ]

If you happen to travel hungover, and I do, one of these can be indispensible. Sadly, I didn't find out about this amazing product until afterwards. I slept as much as I could on the plane and gradually felt better.

[ Bag on His Head ]

While we're on the topic of stupid airline gift suggestions, I am profoundly disturbed that they offer this in the in-flight catalogue. I am reasonably certain that I'd rather succumb to smoke inhalation than put one of these on my head. And don't even think about what happens to you if you put this on while flying on a plane with a Sky Marshall on board.

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