[ Winnipeg from the air ]

My unnecessarily indirect voyage had me stopping to change planes in Winnipeg, which as you can see here, was in a much more wintry state than Toronto was.

[ Sleeping groundcrew ]

On the flight from Winnipeg to Calgary, I was joined by an Air Canada groundcrew member. He was wearing his work clothes and carrying a work cellphone (revealed after some consultation on how to turn it off before departure).

[ Rockies at a distance ]

Coming into Calgary it was getting dark, but you can still sort of see the outline of the Rockies on the horizon.

[ Santa ]

The groundcrew guys there had Santa hats, which you really can't see too clearly in any of the photos I tried to take.

After a very short stay in Calgary (I didn't get off the plane), it was on to Abbotsford, where we arrived reasonably on time. I didn't take any more pictures after this that night, mostly because the rest of the evening was taken up with making the quick drive from Abbotsford to Chilliwack (much closer than Vancouver, anyway) and seeing Lord of the Rings.

What a long day.

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